When we talk about dialogue we can approach a concept as open as “Sharing”: without seeking to convince or conquer, simply by providing information so that we can be known more or to know our interlocutor(s) better. This complex concept when it comes to materializing it has a forceful expression in some sculptures, especially those of a monumental nature, since they are in public or private spaces and in any case they allow or generate the vision and impact on many people constantly.

In these works the sculptor has the opportunity to express sensations, questions or answers, it is the appropriate place to make a statement of principle or simply to show his ideas.

The steel touches the soul, its form starts from the unconscious a flow of feelings that materialize in each turn, in each look generating emotions.

From our point of view the public space generates a commitment of dialogue between the spectator and the work, and it is in this space where my work moves.

Working with abstract forms leads us to the possibility of directing our discourse, dialogue, towards a space within us, the one most connected to the subconscious, that is why a sculpture in the street can lead us towards lands of serenity or violence, of calm or aggressiveness, of peace or discomfort. The search of a dialogue with the deepest of my own being has taken me time and time again to generate, inside me, those spaces of dialogue that later are transferred to the sculpture, the work thus becomes a living being that contributes and transmits, constantly a recognizable world or not, depending on the spectator, but always towards itself; the sculpture looks for that you, observer, can arrive through the introspection that these abstract forms generate to you to connect, to read, to dialogue with yourself.

Why when we are in front of a tree and we observe it, in general, we feel so good, that sensation of depth, of empty and full space at the same time, that is a sensation that there is life; when in autumn there are no leaves it seems that the tree is dead, the spatial sensation is different, that so subtle game is the same that is generated in the intersection of spaces and surfaces that are created in these sculptures. Very simple elements, placed in a harmonic way, with the subtlety of an oriental calligraphy, are pieces of steel that become “Symbols” when they are materialized in a large format; that is the meaning of the totems of the North American Pacific cultures, of the people who sought to open their souls to their bodies. This symbolic relationship generated by the totenm throughout the ages is the same that images have generated in some religions, philosophies or cultures. Is this one of the deepest meanings of sculpture?

When a sculpture gives you everything in a first and quick reading it impoverishes the context itself, it is only observed once, so why contribute time to a sterile field.

Is this the real meaning of public art, of a sculpture that is in the street 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

The sense we bring is that of creating a continuous space of dialogue between these undefined and light forms that inspire our emotional subconscious and can bring us a different reading, a different emotion every day. To awaken the capacity to feel that we are alive because we are capable of discovering sensations, different emotions in the face of, apparently, the same forms that in reality change with the light, with our position, or most importantly, with the state in which we come to observe, to perceive this great work of art that is a monumental sculpture.

I am concerned that the sculpture is being trapped by the new religion, science and that it is losing the ability to create the unfathomable, the unknown, that which is beyond measure, beyond definition or word. If I can limit and express even the smallest of works of art, for me it is no longer art, it is something else. When I feel a tree I see the sky and the earth, I see life and the infinite colors and shades, and the most transcendent, I feel and feel, I perceive up to where there is no limit… I feel free and in Peace.

This dialogue with the subconscious and abstract is reflected in the series of sculptures “Portals”.

Fragment of the sculpture “Portal del Vent”, Denia-Alicante-Spain.

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