The cold and thick steel sheet is heavy, from it the light pieces that make up each sculpture are cutted with the precision and exquisiteness of the Laser. Stillness, serenity and calm are what these sculptures bring to the viewer, inciting them to observe both inside and outside, a trend that dominates the movement of walking.

Air or water or space cannot be trapped, locked in them, because their intention is to insinuate, caress their flow and that of the weather or wind that moves around them.

They are like traces of a gigantic calligraphy that materialize the immaterializable, that suggest the indefinite: The Tao. The curve is balanced over and over again with the upright forms, the Yin-Yang unity materializes in the form of a poem, of reflection on everything that makes us feel alive.

In these sculptures, there are questions; their identity is that of opening within us the thousand and one readings, the thousand and one questions that far from having answers exist to tell us that this is life, existence, our everything; a universe full of infinite unknowns that materialize in a constant movement, a physical, psychic, emotional flow like a verse.

Heavy is the root of light, stillness dominates movement.

These sculptures are Tzu-Jan, nature since they are built by themselves, without a previous study, without a previous design or sketch. When the mind is calm, serene, one enters a space of creation, of “action” where the inner being opens, the identity is abandoned and little by little a balance, a movement, a transparency is produced in me … In my hands that move alone, my eyes are disturbed and unknown forms appear that surprise me, educate me, teach me that there is nothing defined, that balance is built every day, that identity is destroyed as if a wave with a stone, that unknown wind that moves some sails, that beyond pushing the sailboat of life, materialize the construction of sculptures that live in serenity, calm, tranquility or Peace.

This learning is directly connected with the concept of Wu Wei, there is no port to go to, there are waves, wind and a ship that sails over and over again, its existence and action is the fact of sailing, of playing with waves and wind to achieve serenity, balance, are sculptures that are maintained by forces as intense as gravity, which gives them stability with minimal resistance or support.

The “Portals” are sculptures that talks about the human being and human capacity. Four colors outline the skin of these sculptures, of these Taoian calligraphy strokes, white and blue for meditation spaces, fire-blood-life red for monumental sculptures outdoors in public or private spaces, and black, for places ready for decisions … All the sculptures express themselves in these four colors and on infinite scales.


Elasticity and resistance,
steel that stops being heavy
to be light,
like a bird.

Words without music
symbol without weigh
of a sound

Intimate smile with no time
without sense, nor concept

You exist for not being
what you define
what you insinuate
and what is
not thought
created as a verse.

Because what you see
is not,
what it is,
doesn´t exist
and what exist
it is already
… other time.

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