In the days that we are living, we find that many of the concepts that had governed our life, in a total or partial way, were centered on an idea that corresponds to the concept of static balance, that is, we found ourselves well knowing that nothing can change, that our patterns are something immovable; as if those principles that we had been acquiring throughout our life or learning had to always be attached to us or we were anchored in them.

In the extreme situations, and this one that we are living in the year 2020 of our era is one of them, we find many experiences, sensations, or decisions that we have to make quickly, sometimes without a time of reflection. We can go in a matter of seconds from a control situation, where what happens is expected or predictable, on the contrary, and all with the impact that these events generate in our lives, or in our way of being, of feeling . Can we deal with these situations when our mentality is in the rigid approach of a static balance?

Perhaps it is time to consider another type of balance, another way of seeing or understanding life, or ourselves, choosing a Dynamic Balance.

How can we swim and store clothes? You may be wearing little clothing and assuming you can get wet. Going light does not mean carrying few things, but we are willing to change the things we carry, or leave them on the road, if necessary.

This seems more or less easy with objects, and what happens to ideas, beliefs, ways of communicating, of relating? Where are the social guidelines that gave people peace and trust? Are we really going to we need to exercise more tight control over citizens, in their relationships, or rather, in each one of us, or we are going to open our minds and hearts to a space of spaces; to a language of languages, to a skin with more than one color, to a soul with more than a spiritual or religious expression?

It is curious how these ideas approach, they are expressed in a clear, forceful, direct way in many works of art. How many times have we commented on how the use of a single expressive language limits the ability to empathize, feel or understand in the most intimate part of ourselves that work of art. We insist with our little words on what our works convey every day. Abstraction as a language is undefined and therefore allows us to go beyond concrete, recognizable, identifiable forms, that is, of what is known, limited and rigid, what we call a static equilibrium.

How much can this language bring us in times of tension! How can we navigate determined to go to a specific port, when the winds and tides want to take us in another direction? That is the art of sailing! When we have a powerful motor that pushes our boat we forget this learning.

And where are we now? In these moments of tension, doubt, fear, control, with the breakdown of those engines that have given us the confidence to reach a port, which perhaps was only good or desired by a few.

I invite you to bet on an inner and outer balance that allows us to move, that allows action even if it is not exactly towards our objective, a balance that allows us to open our minds or ears to try to get to know our interlocutor more, to speak with people for the sharing their lives, ideas, emotions, not only to see what benefit I can get from them or how I can convince them to achieve my goal.

That is DIALOGUE, the engine of Dynamic Balance. How many times do we try that life, that the things that happen to us or that we feel are what we or our minds want, and surprise, is not what happens; This is where we can open a new space or environment, a way of thinking and feeling that opens us to everything that can happen to us as one more lesson, as constant learning.

My commitment as an artist, materializes this concept in a series of sculptures called PORTALS, made of steel, with abstract shapes and directed at our emotions, feelings, at that immense world that hides in our subconscious and that makes us human. They seek the opening of our hearts so that they take us, open our minds to new interior spaces. Each reading or look is different since they are totally asymmetric, each day that we observe them they provide us with different readings because they are a subtle reflection of our mood or feelings; We can say that they are alive, because every day that new man who is born every morning can see them, if we want.

Escultura “Portal del Yin Yang” 2020

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