Fire is light, ethereal, if we understand the concept of air as something that floats and is not seen, something that we only perceive when it moves in the form of wind, we are creating a physical-psychic space capable of opening our minds and hearts to a world of intense sensations.

To materialize these ideas is a great challenge, and so is to translate these themes into the steel, a hard and elastic metal that will be the base of this new, original and unique sculpture called Aire de Fuego. Architecture has worked and solved some of these aspects through one of its greatest inventions: The pointed arch of Gothic architecture. There are three arches of this type that serve as a base and support for our work; together they generate the peak, the first contribution that draws our attention upwards, towards the sky and the stars. That’s where we are going.

The three upper and asymmetrical pieces are shaped like ship sails, specifically inspired by the calls: Jib, Petifoque and Counter-Jib of sailing ships of the XVXX centuries.

If the sails on the boats are to push the ship with the contribution of the winds, in our sculpture they will be the push and the brake. These bodies are supported by the pointed arches that form the 3 lower pieces; Its weight, unloaded on the shoulders of these arches, creates rounded shapes, the same ones that suggest the hips of a woman, and it is here that the softest side of this sculpture appears transforming it into a feminine, warm and sensual being.

This intimate balance is what generates in the spectator the sensation of lightness, serenity and calm; it is what encourages the observer to look up, to enter into its center and look at the sky, to make us feel an intense sensation of weightlessness over and over again.

The hard and heavy steel becomes a light emotion that invites us to think that the work doesn´t have weigh, that it is fragile, that it floats.

When the wind makes the sculpture swing it is the moment in which the magic of fire appears; the forms lose their coherence, the iron stops being metal, the red color stops being skin to transform into an experience of movement that far from remaining in the senses takes us deep inside, to the ancestral worldimages that the flames are capable of creating within the unconscious of each one of us, of touching that ancestral world that is within each human being, through metal.

This sculpture combines the most advanced technologies such as computer calculation, exquisite, precise cutting of the laser, and cold bending so as not to lose the mechanical capabilities of the steel. And all this together with the architectural solutions of the Gothic cathedrals, to the most primitive sensations and emotions that since man has existed have moved him, frightened him, or filled him with admiration and fantasies.

This work is a poem built in metal and as such is ethereal and subtle, heavy as well as elastic. It is a timeless manifestation of that concept, of that exercise called Dynamic Balance: the essential idea that the work moves within the scope of a dynamic and peaceful art at the same time. This is what happens in Aire de Fuego, mental and physical spaces, where intuition and the subjective are discovered as fundamental.


Stillness without form,
space without silence,
Like an absent time,
So it moved;
as if stunned by the wind,
as fed by its fire …
lost in his turn
… made me look …
to the sky.

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